Do you like the lighting I used here? I tell you how it was done: during this outdoor photoshoot I utilized my new HSS flash gear with an ND filter.

I used the high-speed flash synchronization capability of my Nikon D610 camera together with the Yongnuo YN622N HSS flash triggers to fire the flash at 1/250s or 1/200s. The manual speedlite flash was mounted on a 3m tall stand using Godox Multi-Holder together with a foldable 80x80cm softbox. The light was coming from 45 degrees above, and about 45 degrees of the side of the model’s head. To match the power of the sun to the power of the speedlite flash and the ambient light present at the scene, an ND8 filter was used. It reduced the incoming light by 3 f-stops, which allowed to me to shoot at f2.8 to achieve the blurry background (bokeh) with a shutter speed acceptable for digital flashes.


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