Phase One camera system testing

Testing the Phase One camera system

I had the chance to test the Phase One digital medium format camera system recently, thanks to Tripont camera and video shop ( and Mr. Peter Peti. I was given three hours in a photo studio with the camera, so I brought my favorite model Veronique ( with me for the shooting. As I already used medium format cameras before, I got accustomed to using it pretty quickly. The gear I tried:

– Phase One 645DF+ camera body

– Phase One AF 120mm MACRO f/4 lens

– Phase One IQ280 digital back (80mpx)

– Mamiya Leaf Credo 60WS digital back (60mpx)

Both digital backs performed flawlessly, capturing the sharpest photos with stunning details. Working with the photos, however require fast hardware, as they take up 3-500 megabytes per picture (uncompressed 16bit tiff used for retouching). The Mamiya back captures light from 380 nm to about 1,100 nm, so I needed to use an IR+UV cut filter (on the lens) for achiving the “regular look”. The only issue we had during the testing was due to slower focusing speed of the lens, but this is something you can live with, and its all forgotten when you see the results.

But, let the photos speak for themselves (this time I published them in twice the resolution):

And for the end, let me show you one really happy photographer.. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Phase One camera system testing

  1. Wow, that is a fabulous set of gear and I can see why you chose Veronique. The sharpness is unforgiving so perfect skin tone and fabulous eyes are essential. The three portraits are especially nice. Great work!

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    • Thanks! I was told that many photographers are afraid of trying this system out, as it is a one-way road, once you do it, you cant accept anything less in quality.. Fortunately, this camera is available for rent, which makes it possible for us to meet one day again. 🙂


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